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Recover Your Vehicle After an Accident

Trust us for accident recovery services in Columbus, OH

If you get into a car accident, you'll need a towing company you can trust to haul your vehicle away safely. For accident recovery services in Columbus, OH, turn to Burm's Towing. We can take your vehicle from the scene of the accident to wherever you need it to go. Our towing expert has over nine years of experience taking care of emergency accident towing for insurance companies and drivers. We offer standard accident recovery, off-road towing and winching services.

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Know what to do if you've been in an accident

It's important to learn what to do in an accident so you can stay calm if you're ever involved in one. If you get into an accident...

  • Check yourself and your passengers for injuries
  • Pull over to the side of the road safely
  • Call the police
  • Turn off your engine and turn on your hazard lights
  • Exchange information with the other driver and witnesses
  • Notify your insurance company about the accident
  • Call us for emergency accident towing services

We'll be there to help in no time. Contact us now if you need accident recovery services.